Your Health Insurance: Is Alternative Medicine Covered?

Most insurance does not cover alternative medicine treatments. However, some treatments may be covered by some employers. This largely depends on what you are looking to receive coverage for and the other steps you have tried.

FDA Certifications

In order for a health insurance company to consider a treatment an actual medical necessity, it must be tested and shown to be effective through the FDA. This only works for medications and substances, however, and it may not be possible to speak with such clarity on a therapy treatment. For example, chiropractors are seen as alternative sources by some insurance companies. Acupuncture is also considered an alternative treatment by many medical insurance companies but not by all. Typically, FDA testing must be done or other scientific evidence must be present.

Doctor Recommendation

In order for your insurance to cover something like a chiropractor visit, which may be considered alternative medicine, you must show you have tried other options. It is not possible to simply say you will reject primary care from a physician in order to pursue alternative medicine and would like your insurance to cover the costs. In most cases, a medical doctor must recommend the treatment in order for it to be covered.


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