Your DUI and Auto Insurance: What to Expect

One of the most serious offences you could encounter as a driver, is a DUI, and one of the trickiest policies to look into is DUI auto insurance. If you have had problems with DUI convictions, you are probably aware of the expensive and humiliating consequences.  In addition to lawyer fees, fines and a suspension of your license, there are additional long-term financial consequences with respect to your auto-insurance coverage and rates.  Unfortunately, most people either overlook the implications or discard them completely until it is too late and the consequences are too high.

A DUI can have an irreversible impact on your auto insurance policy.  If your insurance company finds out about a DUI conviction, they will:

Expect Higher Rates

In most cases, the insurance company will increase your insurance rates.  The insurance company will increase the premium and you will labelled as a “high risk driver.”  The cost of owning and operating a vehicle will definitely increase.

Expect Auto-Insurance Policy Cancellation

In more drastic cases, the company may cancel your policy. Your new policy may not be top-of-the line insurance, but, your basic insurance needs will be covered.  However, those premiums will still remain high.  Companies that are willing to extend insurance to DUI felons are called high-risk or non-standard insurance carriers and tend to have high insurance premiums, may be as high as three times the normal amount.

Obtain an SR-22

An SR-22 is the the form that is require by the state for reinstating driving rights after a DUI conviction.  It registers the vehicle for driving purposes after a driving violation. If you have recently had your auto insurance revoked, the internet could prove a valuable repository to search for the best SR-22 coverage.

Insurance companies can sometimes miss a DUI felony, but it is safer always to keep all your bases covered. All the additional charges and hassles accompanied with DUI auto insurance be easily avoided if you are a responsible driver.  Do not pose a hazard for yourself or anyone else and don't drink and drive.  Once convicted as a DUI felon, you will find that the blemish will remain on your driving record for the long-term.
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