Your Auto Insurance FAQ Answered

Here are some of the most common auto insurance FAQ answered.

What is Auto Insurance?

Insurance vehicle owners purchase for their cars, bikes, trucks, or other vehicles that is used to protect them and their vehicles from losses that can occur in case of an accident. A client pays a premium or an annual fee to the company selling the insurance, which will cover losses up to a maximum amount.

Is Auto Insurance Mandatory?

If you are a vehicle owner or driver, absolutely yes! A valid auto insurance coverage will protect you and your vehicle from any damages that may occur.

How Much will Coverage will an Insurance Company Extend in Case of an Accident?

The particular insurance coverage purchased will determine the liability an insurance company will cover in case of an accident.

What does insurance cover?

Insurance Coverage Includes
  • Liability coverage (protecting against bodily injury),
  • Medical payments incurred,
  • Property damage,
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage which protects the owner of the vehicle.
Does Auto Insurance Have to be Expensive?

Not at all! Inexpensive and easily affordable auto insurance can be found if one does some homework. The Internet is a great repository of information which can provide the current statistics on Insurance policies and comparing tools, which help compare auto insurance rates offered by various insurance companies.
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