Young Driver Car Insurance: How To Reduce Payments

Young driver car insurance is not the cheapest kind of insurance out there, but that does not mean it has to burn a hole in your wallet either. There are ways to lower your premiums and make young driver car insurance affordable for you and your family.

Keeping Driving Records Clean

It is important that your teenager understands the importance of being a responsible driver and following all traffic laws, not just for their own physical safety but for the sake of their car insurance rates as well.  When a young driver is involved in an accident their premiums can go up a lot.  And while even the safest of drivers have the possibility of being in an accident, if you emphasize the consequences of even the smallest fender bender, your teen will better understand the implications of being a young driver with car insurance.

Put the Young Driver on Your Policy

When deciding how to insure a young driver, the best choice is to add your child to your policy as an additional driver rather than creating an independent one for him or her.  By doing this, your teenager's policy will be able to benefit from any discounts that are applied to yours.

Making Good Grades

Teenage drivers who are students can reduce their monthly premiums by as much as 10% by demonstrating academic excellence in school.  In most states having a 3.0 grade point average is enough to lower their young driver car insurance.

Consider Traffic School

If your teen gets a traffic ticket, it could take many months before you stop paying for it with your insurance.  If the judge allows it, your young driver should consider traffic school.  It is often only one day and your insurance will not increase.

Driver Education and State-Specific Rules

It is always a good idea for a new driver to take drivers education classes, and it's an even better one when this can lower your car insurance payments.  Many states offer drivers education classes at public high schools; find out from your car insurance company if these classes will reduce your young driver's car insurance.  Similarly, many states now have restrictions on drivers licenses and new drivers are only allowed on the roads during certain hours and with a certain number of people in the car.  Enforce these rules not only to help your child become a responsible driver.

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