Why You Need RV Insurance When Traveling the Country

RV Insurance is automobile insurance plus specific additional coverage that protects you from a variety of losses, damage and liabilities that automobile insurance typically does not include. If you are traveling the country, it is important to have the appropriate RV insurance.

Protect Your Valuables

When traveling in an RV, you naturally have much more with you than you would if you were in a car. Small appliances, technological gadgets, clothing and other personal items need protection. All of your valuables need to be protected in case they are lost, stolen or damaged. Good RV insurance will protect you by covering the related costs of the loss or damage of your personal belongings to a specified amount.

Protect Your Lot

Sometimes RV users on vacation are responsible for the land their vehicle is parked on. Should something happen to the property, you could he held liable. This is unlike parking a car in a parking lot. Your liability related to where your RV is parked is another reason to make sure that you have sufficient RV insurance coverage before you go on your trip. This is called property liability. Be aware of the campground rules before your visit the various RV sites across the country. Regulations vary an liabilities can change from place to place.

You may also be found liable if someone else is injured while on the property that you are using to park your RV. To avoid being sued for medical expenses, be sure that your RV insurance covers medical payments. Bodily injury coverage may also apply if people were hurt in an accident involving your RV.

Protect Yourself

If your RV becomes unusable during your trip, you are a significant distance from your primary residence, or if the RV is your primary residence, RV insurance may cover the costs of your stay at a hotel or other temporary living facilities. Without insurance, you will have to pay this cost on your own regardless of the fact your RV is disabled.

Some RV insurance will also cover the costs of pet injury if it is related to an RV accident. If you plan to bring your pets along for the trip, it is a good idea to get coverage.

Since problems are sometime unforeseeable, roadside assistance is another benefit of RV insurance that you should consider. The nearest RV specialists will be able to come to your aid to fix common vehicle breakdowns and problems such as flat tires, lockouts, battery failure, mechanical breakdown and other issues.

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