Why RV Rental Insurance is Vital for Roadtrips

RV rental insurance is inexpensive, easy to obtain, and necessary for all roadtrips that are taken in a motor home. Get peace of mind for little effort and little money. RV rental insurance can be purchased for individual days at very low prices or it can be bought as an extension to your car insurance.

Why You Need RV Rental Insurance
  • If you cause any damage to the outside of a rented RV, you can be sued by the owner. Liability insurance will cover you against this type of lawsuit and therefore is a must buy. You will not be covered if you damage anything on the interior of the RV, including appliances and furniture.
  • If you cause any damage to other vehicles or property, liability insurance will also cover you. Most road-related accidents are reimbursable. 
  • Extended, specialized coverage is available if you are traveling in high populated, high traffic areas where you will be more likely to cause more severe damages. These policies usually cover up to a million dollars in damages.     

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