Why Party Liability Insurance is a Must

To understand why party liability insurance is a must, you must understand that this type of insurance policy was created to protect you from claims during an event or party. Something as simple as someone slipping, and hurting themselves, while at your event could cost you thousands of dollars.

Party liability insurance will protect you, or your business, from third-party damages that take place at the site of the event for which you are held liable. The liability insurance can also cover alcohol-related damages. There are different coverage levels available to meet a variety of needs.  You can choose depending on your particular factors, such as the specific event, or number of attendees.

A Requirement for Some Venues

Event Liability Insurance is required by some venue owners for any event that is held on their property. The venue owners do not want to be held liable for any injuries or accidents. If a guest of your party is injured during the event, he or she is well within their rights to sue you for monetary damages. Your party liability insurance would provide compensation in such a case. Whether it is a wedding, carnival, party, or other special event, liability insurance policy is a must-have for the host.

The insurance providers will charge a flat fee.  Ask your current insurance provider for a quote or referral sources and shop around because every insurance company works a little differently.  For example, one insurance company may quote $1000.00 and another a flat $195.00.  Check the terms of the insurance, be sure the policy covers what you need.

Prepare for the Worst

Many insurance carriers provide party liability insurance to protect you or your company. With party liability insurance, you can breathe easy and enjoy your party. Worrying about someone falling, or, whether someone who has been drinking may get hurt, is not a fun party time. Party liability insurance will cover accidents so that the party can be enjoyed.

Because the policies for these insurances can be vastly different, check with your agent.  Tell them your party event details, such as, size, location, type of event.  They will give you a few options to choose from. Try to always include alcohol-related damages into your policy because they can be the most expensive.  Your insurance agent should be able to advise you of unnecessary and necessary coverage.

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