Why Direct Life Insurance is Important for you

Direct life insurance is an important tool for those who wish to protect their families from financial disaster and provide for them after death. Even those who do not have a large estate can leave a sizeable amount to their heirs.

Death brings a lot of legal and taxable complications. Loved ones’ must pick up and go on, and  mortgages or revolving debts may come due immediately upon death.

Direct life insurance has many applications. The benefits can be used to pay for funeral expenses or to defray the court and legal costs of the probate process. Direct life insurance benefits also can settle debts held by the deceased as part of probate. Finally, the benefits can be used to create a cushion for family members who will be affected financially by the loss of the decedent’s income.

Most direct health insurance plans are “term” or “pure” insurance plans. Coverage lasts as long as premiums are paid, and disappears as soon as payments end. Many financial advisors recommend this type over the more expensive “permanent” or “cash value” insurance, which can be redeemed for a portion of the accumulated premiums after a certain amount of years.
Considered a first line of defense in estate planning, direct life insurance is a simple tool to implement. If purchased while the insured is in good health, direct health insurance features low premiums that can remain level for 15 to 20 years.

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