Who is Eligible for Medicare?

To become Medicare eligible, there are specific requirements that an applicant must meet to qualify for the health insurance program. Once the applicant passes the qualification demands, he will receive financial assistance which will help pay his medical care expenses.

Basic Medicare Eligibility Requirements

To see whether you, or a member of your family is eligible to get Medicare, check this list of qualifications entailed for this health care program:

  • Applicant is 65 years of age or older
  • Applicant is younger than 65 years old and has certain physical or mental disability
  • Applicant, regardless of age, is suffering from End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
  • Applicant is a citizen (or naturalized), or permanent resident of the United States
  • Applicant has a valid Social Security Number

Other Similar Qualifications

Elderly people who had been employed and were paying Medicare taxes for a minimum of 10 years during the employment are eligible for the Hospital Insurance plan (Part A) without paying the premium. They can also obtain premium-free Part A plan coverage if they receive, or are qualified for, the Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board benefits, or had been employed in any government agency that covers Medicare.

Furthermore, applicants under 65 years old who have not paid Medicare taxes can also become eligible for the premium-free Part A plan. To obtain this offer, the applicant must have been accredited to accept the Social Security or Road Retirement Board disability benefits for 2 years, or he must be an ESRD patient.

What are Medicare, Medigap and Medicaid?

Medicare, Medigap and Medicaid sound similar but offer different benefits. Medicare is a government program designed to provide medical care for the elderly and for individuals with disabilities. Medigap is a type of insurance policy that you can purchase that is designed to fill in the gaps that are left by Medicare. This is something that individuals can purchase on their own outside of the government benefits. Medicaid is a separate program that is provided by the government. This program is eligible only to individuals who have low incomes or moderate incomes and high medical expenses.

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