Which Veterans Medical Insurance Is Right For You?

If you are a veteran who requires more than basic health care coverage from your veterans medical insurance, there is additional coverage available for you through the Veterans Administration. The Veterans Administration, or VA, will determine if your medical condition is service-related. It also takes into account other factors such as length of service and income level to decide if your condition qualifies you for treatment under one of the many available veterans medical insurance programs that target a wide range of service-connected disaiblities.

For example, if you became blind or visually impaired during your tour of duty, you are likely eligible for the Department of Veterans Affairs Blind Rehabilitation Service. The Blind Rehabilitation Service has a rehabilitation focus for blind and visually imparied veterans, but will also assist in streamlining the care delivery process and help to determine additional veterans medical insurance programs for which you may qualify.

Many veterans with alcohol and drug-related dependance who are enrolled in the VA health care system utilize the Veterans Alcohol and Drug Dependence Rehabilitation Program.  This program offers a range of drug and alcohol dependance treatment including psychiatric care, rehabiltiation, detoxification and vocational support. 

Your nearest Veterans Administration will help you determine the programs for which you are eligible, and they can also steer you to the VA doctors in your vicinity.

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