Which Top Pet Insurance Options Do You Need?

If you have a pet, you may wonder what type of top pet insurance options you need. The answer depends on your circumstances. While you certainly can’t replace a beloved pet, with insurance, you’ll at least help to ensure your pet has access to the best care that won’t break your wallet. Here are some things a health insurance policy for your pet may cover:

  • Basic coverage – One of the top pet insurance policies, basic coverage provides for a portion of the costs for specialized procedures like diagnostic tests, visits to specialists, and operations. It does not cover annual vaccinations and exams.
  • Routine care – This type of pet health care coverage is more expensive than basic coverage and includes annual immunizations and exams. Make sure the insurance cost isn’t more than what you’d pay out-of-pocket for the services.
  • Premium coverage – Just as the name implies, this type of top pet insurance carries a higher price tag. Because you are reimbursed at a higher level for the covered services, the premium for the coverage is higher.
  • All-inclusive coverage – The most expensive of top pet insurance options are policies that provide all-inclusive coverage. You pay up-front for the costs of the services (including basic, routine care, specific care, diagnostic tests and visits to specialists), and are reimbursed after you submit your claim form.

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