Which Pet Insurance Policy Is Right For Your Animal?

Most pet insurance policy companies offer a range of policies tailored to the specific needs of a wide variety of pets from dogs and cats to exotic reptiles. Once you have decided what kind of premium you can afford, you will want to make sure that your pet insurance policy allows you to select a veterinarian you approve. In addition, you also want to be certain that your policy includes any specialist treatment your regular veterinarian can't provide.

A bird owner, for example, will want a policy that covers bird-specific afflictions such as self-mutilation and feather shedding. A cat owner will want a pet insurance policy that covers the ingestion of foreign objects.  Dog owners will want liability insurance in the event their pet is injured or causes injury to a person, another animal, or property. Also, you may want to consider insurance that covers loss if your pet is stolen or goes missing.

It can be difficult, but not impossible, to find a pet insurance policy for a pet that has a pre-existing medical condition.  Pet insurance companies, such as Embrace Pet Insurance, will provide policies to cover the medical costs associates with your pet's generic medical condition, such as surgery, medications, chemotherapy, x-rays and lab testing.


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