Which Pet Insurance is Right for You?

Veterinary care can do more than ever before, but without pet insurance, costs can spiral out of control and leave you in debt, and trying to decide which pet insurance to get can be hard.

First decide what kind of deductible you are able to pay and balance that against probable out-of-pocket costs. A high deductible will mean a lower monthly premium, but your out-of-pocket costs will accumulate with each new treatment.

There are some medical costs that every pet owner should be certain are covered. Find out which basic pet insurance plans cover common injuries such as broken legs and lacerations, and accidents such as the accidental swallowing of a foreign object, and only consider those providers for your pet insurance coverage.

Most pet owners will want to find out which pet insurance companies allow their pet to be treated by the veterinarian of their choice, not pick a name from a list. Many pet owners will also want to be sure their pet insurance provider covers emergency care at odd hours, such as medical incidents requiring treatment at 2:00 a.m.

If your animal is a valuable exotic, you will want to find out which pet insurance plan covers loss and replacement if your pet is stolen.

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