Which Commercial Insurance Agency is Right for You?

Choosing a commercial insurance agency that can meet the needs of your business is a crucial step in the commercial insurance process. You need to choose an agency that is experienced working with your type of business, both by size and by industry. For example, an insurance company specializing in farm coverage may not provide a marine boat company with adequate service and expertise and vice versa.

Choosing an Agency

When choosing an agency, seek recommendations from business associates. A recommendation from someone in the same or similar industry can be very helpful in locating an agency that will work well for you.

Step 1 – Determine Your Needs

Your coverage needs will depend on the size and scope of your business.  At the minimum you will need:

  • liability coverage to protect you from claims against injuries or accidents occuring on your premises
  • property insurance to cover the cost of fire and natural disaster

Step 2 – Compare Rates

To obtain the best rates, compare rates between at least two agencies. While the cheapest price isn't always the best choice, you do want to minimize the cost of insurance.

Step 3 – Trust Your Instincts

If an agency provides adequate coverage at a good price but you are concerned about a lack of service or availability, trust your instincts. When you have a claim, you are going to want an insurance company that responds immediately and meets your needs without delay.


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