When Your Personal Disability Insurance Runs Out

When personal disability insurance runs out is important to determine what type of insurance ran out.  There are short and long term policies, and each policy requires a different action.

There are different procedures for each type of personal disability insurance. The first step is to know what type has been exhausted.  If you have exhausted your short-term disability, or SDI insurance investigate Social Security Disability, SSD. If your long-term policy has been exhausted, then you are probably at retirement age. Check with your employer for a retirement package.

If your Short Term Disability Runs Out

Should your STD come to an end, activate your long term policy. Contact your policy provider for this information. If you do not have a long term policy, you must then begin the SSD application process. Contact your states Social Security Office, either in person, by phone, or via the internet. The initial application for any type of Social Security can be completed on the internet.

There are 2 types of Social Security for disabled people. Each is meant to assist in paying medical costs and living expenses.

    * Social Security Disability, SSD, is available for the blind or disabled. You also must have a work record and accumulate enough points to qualify. Monthly benefits are calculated by the amount of time employed. As an insured worker, your spouse and children may also qualify for some benefits.
    * Social Security Income, SSI, is available for people who are age 65 or older, or any disabled person of any age who does not qualify for any other form of assistance. Benefits are determined by your personal circumstances.  A single person will qualify for 400-700 dollars a month and a married person will qualify for 600-1000 dollars a month. Family members do not qualify for benefits under this policy.

Be very careful while filling out your application. Triple check your work so you do not submit your application with any mistakes. Mistakes will slow down the process. Make sure to reply as soon as you receive your notification. Accurate and timely responses to the SSA will help when getting your application processed in the quickest time possible. Always make hard copies of all correspondence.

If your Long Term Policy Runs Out

Most long term policies will cover you until you reach retirement age. You need to see just how long your policy will cover you. Some policies will cover you for the rest of your life. Since this is an important thing to know, contact your policy provider for the complete details. Activate all retirement plans available to you.

Research all of your options.

The laws of your state or policies of your place of employment vary greatly. Inform yourself of all of your options after you have exhausted all of your personal disability insurance plans. Once these have run out, depending on your age and current financial situation, there are programs in place to assist you. Be proactive and know your options and the steps to take before your insurance runs out.

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