When To Buy Travel Insurance

It is important to buy travel insurance to protect you from unforeseen emergencies and losses prior to embarking on a vacation. You may consider different options such as annual travel insurance or backpackers travel insurance depending on how frequently you travel and the types of trips you take. At the least, though, you should protect yourself with single-trip travel insurance to cover any number of issues.

Changes in Travel

Your flight may be canceled and you need new accommodations, the hotel you booked with may close, or you may need to cancel your trip altogether. If you buy travel insurance for these circumstances, you will be covered.

Medical Emergencies

You may lose your prescription, be involved in an accident, become ill or be victim of a weather emergency. Buying travel insurance will help you if you need medical care in any of these cases.

Theft or Loss of Items

Losing your passport or wallet in a foreign country means you will need emergency cash, and you will need it fast. Travel insurance will provide replacements for you in this case. Even if your luggage is stolen, damaged or lost, travel insurance can help you recoup the value of those items.

Buy travel insurance before you take any vacation, but especially if you intend on being out of the country or in a developing nation. Annual travel insurance may be purchased if you frequently travel for either personal or business trips.

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