When Is Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Appropriate?

Comprehensive general liability insurance is insurance that protects you against risk unless that risk is specifically excluded, making it a great choice when there are a lot of unknowns in your business. The coverage you obtain can protect you against claims for negligence, injury that occurs on your premises, and completed projects. It is often used for medical practitioners.

This type of insurance can protect you if you provide a product to your clients or customers that causes injury, even if you are not the manufacturer. It can also protect you when there are unintended problems that arise after a procedure or surgery. General liability insurance is often necessary when private contractors or temporary employees are giving care or working on your premises.

Because insurance providers assume added risk with the extent of this coverage, you can expect premiums to be much higher than other, more restrictive policies. In order to make sure you are obtaining the best possible rates, you should shop carefully and compare providers. However, because the rates of malpractice insurance have become so expensive, a general liability policy may help offset some of those costs, making it well worth the premium you pay.

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