When a Hospital Won't Cover Accident Insurance

When hospital accident insurance isn’t covered your life can become very frustrating very quickly. It’s best to understand the limitations before they become an issue so you can be prepared.

Daily Limits

Many times there will be strange exclusions in your policy that you may never think of. If you’ve been hospitalized for any reason, most of the time accident insurance will only cover a certain amount daily, usually up to $200. If your stay is more expensive than that, the insurance company may not cover any of it. It’s best to understand what their policies are before you go. This will eliminate any unpleasant surprise later on.

Age Limitations

Many insurance policies will only pay out if the person involved is over 18 years old. There is no point in having hospital accident insurance on a child if they won’t be covered. Check this exclusion before signing up for any kind of insurance policy for your child.

Out of Pocket Expenses

Most insurance policies will have a clause that includes standard out of pocket expenses. Some of what they consider standard may not seem standard to you. Understand these clauses. If they are requiring you to pay for things that you don’t consider ordinary, then look for other policies.


Hopefully it won’t become necessary, but you may need to consult with a lawyer if you think something should be covered and it’s suddenly not. The circumstances surrounding the accident can have a tremendous amount of influence regarding what will be paid and by who. Two different people with two different interpretations of the events can really affect the coverage. If it becomes necessary to consult with an attorney, make sure you are finding one who specializes in medical issues and law.

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