What Sort of Car Brings the Cheapest Insurance?

The make and model are not the only  factors that contribute to the cheapest car insurance policies. There are other factors that can offset insurance costs. Drivers should carefully examine all their options before buying a vehicle.

Understanding Car Insurance

Car insurance covers the costs associated with vehicle damage. Usually, this means damage that resulted from a car accident, though it can also be used to cover damage caused by natural disasters such as tornadoes and man-made disasters or chemical spills.

The insurance covers the damage to the vehicle itself and any medical bills the driver and anyone who was riding with him would have to pay as the result of the damage. Also, the coverage can extend to third parties. If, for example, there was an accident and another party was involved, the insurance also helps cover repair costs and medical bills of the other person in the accident.

In addition to the make and model of the car, there are a number of factors that determine just how cheap the driver's insurance rates will be. This includes the driver's age, the level of driving experience, credit history, the driver's place of residence and the location of the accident.

What Makes a Car Cheap Insurance Friendly

There are several things that make certain car models more likely to bring the cheapest insurance than others. They include:

  • Place of origin - domestic cars tend to be cheaper to insure then foreign-made cars. That is because it's easier to get the replacement parts, which makes them easier and less expensive to repair.
  • Vulnerability to collision damage - the sturdier the model, the cheaper the insurance rates will be. Alternatively, cars that are designed to facilitate easy repairs are more likely to get lower insurance rates than cars that do not.
  • Capacity to cause collision damage - the vehicles designed for fast driving (such as European sports cars) or the bulky cars that are more likely to cause damage (such as the hummers) will earn their drivers bigger insurance rates.
  • Likelihood of being stolen - because of their flashy appearance and cost, some cars are more likely to be stolen then others. The more likely they are to be stolen, the greater the insurance rates.
  •  Presence of safety features - this includes seat belts, baby seats, navigational systems and direct assistance systems such as the onStar service. The more safety features the car has, the lower the insurance rates will be.
  • Model history - the safety record of that particular model. This is judged using a number of variables, including the average number of fatalities per year, the average number of accidents, any recalls related to any feature in that model.

There is a wide variety of media that compile car information. Because of the changes in the car industry and the world in general, the lists have to be updated every year, so drivers should not put too much stock in lists that are over a year old.

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