What Is Recycling Insurance?

Recycling insurance is a type of insurance coverage offered to businesses in the waste management and recycling industry. This type of insurance is designed to provide broad coverage for a number of perils to which the company could be subject. 

Property Damage

The recycling industry is considered to be a very high risk one for the companies involved. They have to use heavy machinery and have a great deal of money invested in facilities. If any of this equipment is damaged, it can be very costly to replace or repair. Recycling insurance will cover any damage to the equipment that is used by a recycling company as well as any damage to its facilities.


Another important component of recycling insurance is liability coverage. The employees of a recycling company are continuously subjected to dangerous situations. In some cases, the recycling company also creates dangerous situations for their customers. When a customer delivers scrap material to the plant, the transfer of this material can often be dangerous for the employees and for the customers. This part of the insurance will cover any physical damages to the employees of the company or to the individuals who are dropping off materials. 

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