What Is PPO Dental Insurance?

PPO dental insurance is one of the most common types of private dental insurance in the market today. If you are considering purchasing PPO dental insurance, here are a few things that you will want to know about this type of coverage.

PPO Dental Insurance

The term "PPO" stands for "preferred provider organization." This means that the insurance company is going to have a selected network of dentists that they want you to visit whenever you need dental services. With this type of insurance coverage, you are free to visit any dentist that you want. However, if you visit one of the dentists in the network, you are going to get a large discount on your bill.


This type of insurance coverage can be very beneficial to you because it can provide low deductibles, such as $50 per treatment. While this can save you money, there are a few drawbacks with this type of plan as well. Many people would like to use the services of a dentist outside a particular network without having to pay more. Many of these policies also have restrictions or gaps in coverage. You might not be able to get all of the dental services that you need with this type of plan.

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