What Is Pet Business Insurance?

Pet businesses such as pet boarding, dog walking, pet transportation, grooming, training, behavioral specialists, nutrionists and more require insurance, most obviously because most clients will expect you to have pet business insurance to protect themselves and their pets while their pet is in your care. They will be reluctant to use your services if you lack pet business insurance.

What is Pet Business Insurance?

Pet business insurance offers coverage against a wide range of risks specific to the pet care industry, such as the damage an animal can cause to property or people should they escape your control. Insurance is vital to protect you against potential third party claims and it is also essential that you have insurance coverage for your pet care business if an animal becomes sick or injured while in your care, has an allergic reaction, or passes away. Pet business insurance can also protect you from liability if an animal is lost or stolen.

The loss of or damage to equipment or transportation can swiftly put someone out of the pet care business if they don't have insurance coverage. Pet business insurance for vehicles and equipment is particularly important for mobile pet care operations, such as mobile grooming services.


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