What is a Dental Discount Card?

Dental discount card is a type of medical discount card that allows you to get discounts on dental treatments, procedures and other services. If you are paying dental bills out of your own pocket, the dental insurance card will allow you to get discounts, making your treatments more affordable. Unfortunately, not everybody who sells dental discount cards is on the level, so you must be careful about who you buy from.

Dental Discount Card Basics

Dental discount cars are issued by insurance companies, government entities, civic organizations and various independent companies. Some companies give them to their employees. They can be used for a wide variety of dental procedures, which can include everything from dental exams to complex dental surgeries. The exact details on what the card offers depends on the provider and the laws of the state where it was issued. It should be noted that some dental clinics don't accept dental discount cards. Furthermore, the value of discount may not always be consistent between dental clinics. The easiest way to resolve these questions is to ask the dentist - they are usually more than happy to answer.

Weeding Out Fraud

Unfortunately, many companies that sell dental discount cards are either illegitimate or misleading. At best, they may imply that their product is worth more than it actually is. At worst, they may simply steal your credit card information and leave you a useless card. To find out which dental discount card sellers are reputable, check the list on Consumer Health Alliance's official website.


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