What Does It Mean to Be Additional Insured?

An additional insured is a person or individual that is also insured along with the primary person that purchased an insurance contract. Here are the basics of what it means to be additional insured and what impacts that can have.

Additional Insured

Sometimes, an insurance company will allow other people or organizations to be covered within an insurance policy. By doing this, that individual organization is going to get the same benefits as the person that originally purchased the insurance coverage. This is done whenever two parties want to have the same types of coverages because they are closely related in business or have some other type of relationship.


This is a common scenario that occurs with general contractors. When a general contractor hires a subcontractor to do a job, they will often require that the subcontractor purchase insurance and include the general contractor on the policy. This way, if something happens on the job site, both the general contractor and subcontractor will be covered.

Landlords and tenants will also regularly engage in this practice. If a commercial landlord allows a tenant to come into their property, they might require them to include them in any insurance policies. This way, if someone is injured on the property, the owner of the property and the tenant will be covered together.


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