What Are Title Insurance Endorsements?

A title insurance policy will include an endorsement. An endorsement is an addition to the basic title insurance policy and can include the results of surveys, facts about the situation of the house and other factors. The endorsements are added as supplements to the standard title insurance, and can include things like what needs to be altered and additions to the insurance agreement.

Title Insurance Endorsements

There are a number of reasons why you may find endorsements on your title policy. The endorsements are very useful and can include alteration so that you are provided with greater coverage. They may also cover factors such as possible problems in the environment of the home or difficulties uncovered by a structural survey.

Other Factors in your Endorsements

Since endorsements usually mean that you have a greater title insurance coverage, you can expect additional fees and charges. The endorsement charge is added to the cost of the original title policy. Other additions to the endorsements can change, depending upon the state you are in. For example, in Pennsylvania, charges for endorsements are made for each policy document, no matter how many documents there are.

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