What Are AARP Membership Requirements?

AARP membership requirements are basically simple.  Members are required to be at least 50 years old and they must pay their membership fees regularly. The simplicity of the requirements allows the applications to be processed fairly quickly. Once the application process is complete, the new AARP members gain access to products and services that the organization offers.

The AARP member does not have to be retired to be a member. Also, the membership is not limited to American citizens, nor do they have to live in United States.

Membership Fees

When applying for AARP membership, the applicant must pay an annual fee. The applicant must continue paying a fee in order to retain his or her membership. Fees are:

  • $16 for US residents
  • $17.00 for residents of Canada and Mexico
  • $19.00 for residents of other countries

US residents can save money by buying 3-year and 5-year memberships, which cost $43.00 and $63.00, respectively.

Membership options, Under 50

People who are under 50 can join AAPR as associate members. The membership, for this age category, is typically statements of support. Most members want to get involved in AARP's lobbying and advocacy. Associate members do not receive membership benefits and services. The fee for associate members is $12.50.

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