Wedding Ring Insurance: Coverage Policy For Accidents

Wedding ring insurance covers your wedding ring in case of theft, mysterious disappearance, or vandalism. There are several different policies that cover your wedding ring-some more helpful than others.

Wedding Rings on Your Homeowner's Insurance

Your homeowner's insurance covers articles in your home in case of theft or damage. However, they are subject to limitations and deductibles. Usually they will only cover loss or damage of your property up to $1000. It also may not cover rings that are damaged or lost outside of the home.

Personal Article Policy

You can add on a personal article policy, also called a "floater" or a "rider," to your homeowner's insurance. This policy covers the cost the insurance company would pay to replace your wedding ring. It also covers the ring if it mysteriously disappears or if it is stolen.

Types of Wedding Ring Insurance Policies

If a claim is made, an insurance policy will pay out depending on what type of policy you have.

Replacement policies replace either replaces the ring or gives you the monetary value it takes to replace it.

Actual value policies give you the amount the ring was worth when the accident happened-including any depreciation that may have occurred.

Valued at policies allow you to set the amount you would like to insure the ring for, but not many insurance companies will offer this.

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