Wedding Liability Insurance: How It Can Save Your Day

Because the average formal wedding can cost tens of thousands of dollars, many brides-to-be have started to purchase wedding liability insurance to avoid a large financial loss in the event some things do not go as planned. For a small premium compared to what a wedding may cost, a couple can take out an insurance policy to protect their financial investment. Wedding liability insurance policies do vary, with specific coverage for different scenarios in which additional premiums can be paid in order to raise the limit of coverage. A second type of wedding liability insurance policy provides more flexibility in that it offers cancellation coverage for items such as non-refundable deposits and allows the coverage to be customized to suit a variety of needs.

What's Covered?

In the event you had to postpone your wedding due to a death in the family or for some other unforseen cause, wedding liability insurance would cover those non-refundable deposits you placed with your venue, reception location, and others. It would also cover an injury which occurred during your wedding or reception such as someone falling on the dance floor and breaking a leg. In fact, wedding liability insurance covers many things including: Loss of non-refundable deposits for unforseen circumstances (i.e., the person performing the wedding ceremony is a no-show), Bodily injury or property damage with optional coverage choices for medical payments, Optional photography insurance in case the one hired does not show or due to accidental damage to photo negatives, Wedding gifts which are damaged or lost, and additional optional coverage for rental items and wedding attire.

What's Not Covered?

For those who have a change of heart and call off their nuptials, wedding liability insurance will not pay for any items specified in the policy such as non-refundable deposits. Wedding liability insurance will not cover things that go wrong at a wedding such as a band that does not play the correct music or a wedding cake delivered in the wrong flavor. If you are planning on an outdoor wedding, a backup plan should be in place for an indoor location, as this type of policy will not cover postponement due to bad weather.

Overall, wedding insurance is a great idea for any couple who is planning on getting married - especially if the cost of the wedding is over $10,000.00. Keep in mind that anything can happen and that although you hope for the best, you should always plan for the worst.

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