Vacant Home Insurance: Protection When Your Not Around

It is sometimes difficult to get vacant home insurance. A lot of companies don’t insure vacant homes and those that do, usually charge higher premiums. The two main reasons for this are that a vacant house attracts vandalism and if someone gets hurt on the property your insurance company might be liable. Other reasons for a higher premium are that damage by water or fire and theft go up significantly.

Vacant home insurance is available for property and liability. The usual policy has a term of twenty-four months. Normally, people place vacant home insurance on a house that they think will be empty for from sixty to ninety days. When you have moved to another home or your rental is empty your insurance company doesn’t normally stop the insurance instantly, but allows ninety days to get it occupied or sold, though some will stop coverage after thirty days. A few companies will issue a vacancy permit within the thirty days.

Having vacant home insurance is important if, for example, a leak from a washer hose causes a lot of damage in a vacant house in which the water isn’t turned off, but the damage is not discovered in a timely fashion. That claim could be denied if the owner didn’t tell the insurance company the house was empty and buy vacant home insurance.

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