Understanding Homeowners Insurance Agents

Understanding homeowners insurance agents can help you be certain that you not only have the right insurance for your home, valuables and personal property, but that you are also dealing with the right person to help you achieve that certainty. Insurance provides protection, but it also should provide peace of mind. It is difficult to be confident in your insurance product if you are not confident about the person who sold it to you and administers it for you. Remember, the real importance of understanding your homeowners insurance agent is the trust you will have when you need that person, usually in a time of emergency or great stress.

Two Types of Homeowners Insurance Agents

Insurance agents fall into two general categories:

  • Captive Agents – These represent one specific insurance company. In understanding homeowners insurance agents, you learn that the benefit of a captive insurance agent is that they often have in-depth knowledge of the limited array of insurance products offered by the company they work for, and typically they have the support of a company back office to administer your purchase and any claims.
  • Independent Agents – These agents are self-employed and represent a variety of companies. The advantages of an independent agent are that they may have a greater choice of products to offer you and a wider selection of prices.
Finding a Homeowners Insurance Agent

There are two quick methods of obtaining names of homeowners insurance agents to begin to evaluate.
  • personal recommendations – Chances are very good that you own a home near friends or relatives. Ask them which agents they use and would recommend. Look for the same name to pop up. Look for testimonies of solid product knowledge, personal attention, price competitiveness and excellent service. If you are new to a neighborhood, your real estate agent can provide recommendations as well.
  • State Insurance Departments – All insurance agents are licensed and all states have databases of agents, most have an online database. You can get the names of agents near you and check their complaint records.
Get the Right Homeowners Insurance for you

Understanding homeowners insurance agents helps you know that every home policy differs with every home insured. While your home may be covered for damage or replacement, what about your personal property? You might have an extensive collection of art. You may have a chest of jewelry handed down from previous generations. You may have a boat or personal water craft. Each of these situations can require separate riders to your homeowners insurance policy. It is vital that your homeowners insurance agent understands your personal situation and tailors a product to meet your needs. If you become adept at understanding homeowners insurance agents, then you'll know the right agent might not offer you the lowest price and neither will the highest-priced policy necessarily be the best one. The best policy for you is the one that is right for your particular situation.

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