Typical Advice For Settling An Insurance Claim

When involved in an insurance claim settlement there are documents and forms that need to be provided in order for the claim to be settled. Whether it is life, health, disability or property and casualty insurance, knowing what forms and requirements are needed is an essential part of the insurance claim process. In order to complete the forms, you can get help navigating the insurance claim process and avoid any potential problem.

Contact Insurance Company

Before settling a claim, you need to notify the insurance company of your intention to file a claim. This allows the insurance company the opportunity to provide you with the necessary claim form in order to initiate the claims process. Since you will need to provide proof of the loss that resulted in making the claim, keep documentation and copies handy in order to attach them to the claim form. Typical forms indicating proof that a loss occurred include:

  • Hospital bills
  • Auto repair bills
  • Police accident reports

Work with Claims Processor

Once the claim has been filed, follow up with the claims processor or adjuster assigned to your claim. Introduce yourself early in the claims settlement process and provide whatever assistance necessary in order to facilitate the payment of your claim. Being cordial and friendly goes a long way in making the claims processor comfortable with you and more likely to provide you with a favorable outcome.

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