Two Advantages Group Dental Insurance has to Offer

Group dental insurance plans provide as few as two or as many as ten thousand plus employees with more affordable dental care coverage. It is available to businesses both large and small that can meet a minimum employer contribution.

Become a More Attractive Employer

Attracting and retaining productive employees is essential to any business. Two ways in which your business can become a more attractive employer with group dental insurance are:

  • benefits – Many people will accept or decline a job offer based on the offered health and dental insurance plans alone. Second only to salary, benefits such as a dental insurance plan will attract the brightest and most productive workers.
  • tax incentives – With a group dental insurance plan, your business and employees may be eligible to deduct the dental insurance contributions and reduce payroll taxes. Employees will appreciate being able to pay for their plan contribution with pre-tax income.
Save Money

A group dental insurance plan saves a business money. Even if your small business employs only two people, rather than trying to seek out your own individual insurance, you will both be eligible for dental insurance at the most competitive rates through a group dental insurance plan.

Don’t forget the tax incentives of group insurance, which not only make your business a more attractive employer, but provide your business with more untaxed capital to invest back into your company.

For more information on group dental insurance, visit Financial Web.

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