TRICARE Military Health Plan Comparison

TRICARE is a type of health plan that is available to military personnel. TRICARE comes in several different variations that you may be able to choose from if you are part of the military or a retired military member. Here is a comparison of some of the different health plans that are offered through TRICARE. 

TRICARE for Life

TRICARE for Life is a plan that is meant to be a supplement to Medicare coverage. It is available for individuals that are over the age of 65 or for individuals a qualify for Medicare under the age of 65. With this type of coverage, Medicare is going to pay first for any medical treatments. After Medicare pay their part, TRICARE for Life will come in and pay their portion of the bill. If you have some other type of insurance, it will pay after Medicare and before TRICARE. There are no enrollment fees that will be necessary with this type of healthcare plan.


Another option that you will be able to choose is TRICARE Prime. With this type of plan, you will work with a primary care manager. They will keep track of your medical records for you and provide or coordinate medical care for you. Typically, this primary care manager will be available for you at a Military Treatment Facility. With this plan, you can also seek treatment at any civilian facility that is an authorized provider of TRICARE. With this type of plan, you are not going to have to pay any enrollment fees. If you are a member of the active military, you will not have to pay anything for civilian medical treatment either. If you are not active military, you will only have to pay a small fee for civilian services. You will also have access to emergency treatment if you are away from home.

Prime Overseas

This type of coverage is designed to accommodate military personnel that are stationed overseas. You will apply for this type of coverage exactly the same way that you would with a traditional Prime policy. With this policy, you should be able to receive the same type of health coverage that you would ordinarily with a domestic insurance plan. You will be able to obtain treatment at Military Treatment Facilities in addition to various civilian facilities in different countries. If you are visiting the United States, you will also be able to receive care at civilian facilities and pay the same co-pays that you would if you had a traditional Prime policy.

Prime Remote

Prime Remote coverage is designed to help members of the military that are stationed away from Military Treatment Facilities. If you are stationed more than 50 miles away from the nearest Military Treatment Facility, you will be able to take advantage of this insurance policy. This type of insurance plan will benefit the military personnel as well as their families.

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