Travel Car Insurance - Cover Only What's Needed

When traveling abroad on business or on vacation, if you are planning on driving, it is normally a good idea to get travel car insurance. In some countries, car insurance is not required. Nevertheless, you should still have it. In order to drive abroad, you will need an international driver's license; you will also need this type of license before you can rent a car or get travel car insurance. However, before purchasing travel car insurance, there are a few things to consider.

Your Existing Car Insurance Policy

Some total coverage car insurance policies include some basic forms of travel car insurance; however, you should ask your insurance company if they can add the type of travel car coverage that you want to your existing policy. This is a cost-effective way of adding the coverage needed while abroad.

Credit Cards

Many credit card companies offer car insurance when you are traveling abroad and driving a rented vehicle – if you charge the rental car on their credit card. Check if there is a fee involved, and shop for rates with all the credit cards that you have.

Add Car Insurance to Normal Travel Insurance

Sometimes, you can travel car insurance to regular travel insurance policies for only a small amount. The amount of the added costs might depend on the country being visited.

Add Temporary Car Insurance to A Car Rental

When renting a car from a rental car agency abroad, ask if the rental of the car includes car insurance. If not, then consider buying temporary car insurance from the rental car agency (if you are not covered by one of the other options). Furthermore, you may consider purchasing the minimum amount of coverage required, as other amounts may be covered by other sources.
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