Tips for Financing Medical Office Renovations

Renovating your facility could require the use of medical financing. If you have a successful medical facility, there are a number of finance options that you could undertake. There are many different financing companies out there that would be more than happy to extend you the money that you need. Here are a few ways that you could consider getting the financing that you need. 


One often-overlooked method of financing the renovations that you need is through the use of medical factoring. This process involves using your accounts receivable as collateral. There are many financing companies out there that will take your accounts receivable for a discounted price and give you the money upfront. Then they will wait on the insurance providers to pay the bills and collect the full amount of the money. This helps you get the cash flow that you need and it gives the finance companies some interest.

Local Lenders

If you have a successful business history that is longer than three years in length, you could potentially get a loan from a local bank to undergo the necessary renovations to your office. This might be the lowest interest rate that you can find and it is always beneficial to work with a local company. 

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