The Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau: FAQs Answered

Once a premium has been paid, an individual is able to recover or get back what he lost through an workers compensation insurance rating bureau. The insurance rate is a factor that determines what is going to be charged for the proposed coverage.

Workers Compensation

A co-partnered owned business without any workers may not need to obtain workers compensation coverage. Coverage for sole or single owner of a business is optional. Employee coverage needs to be given to workers only, whether they are working permanently or temporarily. The employees should not, at any given time, pay for their premiums it is the employer’s duty to do that. An employer should know that failing to insurer workers is a criminal offense.

Insurance Rating

All the workers insurance compensations are not handled by the state. There is a licensed agent that charges and determines rates. All the files on insurance with the workers rates are filed with the department of insurance. Rates will normally vary. The services offered and costs charged by the insurance rating bureau will determine how much premiums an individual will pay.


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