The Online Insurance Broker: Pros And Cons

For those who are Internet savvy, an online insurance broker may be their first choice. However, there are pros and cons when thinking about buying insurance through them.

Online Brokers are Convenient

Online insurance brokers are convenient. Whenever you are ready to shop for insurance you can just go online instead of making an appointment and waiting until they can see you.

Online Brokers are Fast

You can compare rates and buy policies in a matter of minutes. You can even be able to buy multiple types of insurance from the same site.

Online Brokers Can't Answer Questions Immediately

If you have a question while buying insurance, you can't ask an online insurance broker and get an immediate response. Most questions posed to online brokers are submitted through email. If the broker is busy or has a lot of queries, your answer will be delayed.

Online Brokers Don't Have That Personal Touch

Some like the personal touch you get from a traditional broker. With an online broker, you don't have a face to speak to. All you have is a screen.

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