The Importance Of Mountain Bike Insurance

Many people fail to consider the importance of insuring their mountain bike, but with specialty mountain bikes costing as much as motorcycles or more, mountain bike insurance is an essential consideration if you want to keep riding.

Types of Bike Insurance

How you use your mountain bike will determine what kind of insurance you obtain. There are specific policies available for competition, traveling, and daily use. Be sure you choose the right policy for you; you may be able to find more competitive premiums if you wear safety gear like a helmet and knee and elbow pads.

Coverage Provisions

Mountain bikes, like motorbikes, are easy to steal, so make sure your insurance policy includes theft coverage. You should also include medical coverage in your policy, since one of the most common mountain bike insurance claims is injury related. Make sure the insurance company has adequately valued your mountain bike and included any upgrades or modifications you have made to the bike when determining its replacement value.

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