The Best Cheap Car Insurance For Students

Finding the best cheap car insurance for students can be a major issue for kids in high school or college and their parents.

The costs of insurance for students, especially male students under 25 can be prohibitive. It is difficult for them to find insurers who will give them a break, but it is possible to find the best cheap car insurance for students if you’re smart and shop around.

Buy the Right Car

Insurance rates are determined by actuaries – high powered statisticians who compile all the data from years of insurance incidents and determine the chances that particular drivers will be high insurance risks.

That’s why insurance for young people is so high, because they tend to have more accidents and tickets. One of the things actuaries look at is the types of cars that are in accidents more often.

If you buy a sporty car, then your rates are going to be higher, just because that style of car is more often in accidents.

Some cars that you might think very safe, such as a large sedan, may have high rates for student drivers because they are often used in street races.

Before you settle on any particular car, call two or three insurance agents and see what the insurance rates would be on that car.

Buy Older Cars – Cover Your Liability Only

One of the best ways to save thousands of dollars on insurance coverage each year is to buy an older car for your teenager or college student.

Many parents choose to pass their older vehicles to their students and buy themselves a newer car.

Older cars are cheaper to insure under all circumstances, but if you get a car that is about a decade old and can pay cash for the vehicle, you need only provide liability insurance on the vehicle. This insurance will not cover your car if your student is in an accident, so any repairs to your own vehicle will be your responsibility. However, it does cover any liability you have for other people’s vehicles or personal property damaged by your student.

While your student may not like this arrangement, when you are buying the car and paying the insurance, then it makes sense to limit costs in any possible way.

College Kids Without a Car

If you have a student going to school away from home, have them go without a vehicle. This will save you hundreds on expenses, and most colleges have good public transportation systems. Call your insurance company and let them know the student is at college without a car.

They are still covered and able to drive when they are at home on breaks, but since they don’t drive often, the costs of insuring them are lowered greatly.

Good Student Discounts

Many insurers offer good student discounts for students who complete a safe driving program with the insurance company and maintain a B or higher overall GPA. This often continues into college as long as they are your dependent.

You do have to provide proof of grades from time to time to keep the rates, but it can be a significant savings.

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