The Best Car Insurance For Savvy Shoppers

To find the best car insurance, you’ll need to find a policy that has a low monthly premium and good overall coverage. Finding quality car insurance does not simply mean finding a good insurer; you, the driver, must also be responsible behind the wheel too. The easiest way to get the best car insurance is to be a smart, safe driver.

The Driver

To find the best car insurance to fit your lifestyle and budget, be aware of several factors in your control that affect your overall auto insurance rate.
  • Your Car – Sports cars, SUVs, and automobiles with few safety features have higher insurance premiums.
  • Your Age – Older, more experienced drivers generally have lower rates.
  • Where You Live – People who regularly drive in high-traffic areas where accidents are more likely to occur have higher premiums.
  • Your Driving History – If you’ve received several tickets and been involved in numerous accidents, your premium will increase.
  • Your Credit History – If you show that you’re responsible by paying bills on time, your insurer will reward you with a lower insurance rate.
The Insurer

Finding the best car insurance also means selecting a trustworthy insurer with a good reputation. It’s important to shop around before signing the dotted line. Many insurers offer great discounts and deals, and will work with you to find the best policy to fit your needs. Be sure to research and compare policies and price quotes from various companies, and ask about the following discounts.

Multiple Policies – If you’re in the market for other types of insurance, such as health, life, or homeowner’s, finding a company who can cover multiple insurances will get you a solid discount on one or all of them.

Low Mileage Discount – If you work from home and don’t commute, or just simply do not drive often, ask your insurer about a low mileage discount.

Loyalty Discount – Many auto insurers reward loyalty; customers who have been with them three or more years receive a discount.

Multi-Car Discount – If you need car insurance for more than one vehicle, find an insurer offering family plans or multi-car discounts.

Pay In-Full and Electronically – Another good way to receive the best car insurance with the lowest rate is to pay your policy in-full and electronically. You’ll save your insurer on billing and processing fees, and they’ll reward you with a discount!

Driving Class – Even if you don’t think you need it, take a driver’s training class to receive a discount from your insurer. The best car insurance comes to those who take driving seriously and prove that they are responsible behind the wheel.

Student Discount – If you are currently in school and make good grades, find an insurer who provides discounts for responsible students on Dean’s List or Honor Roll.

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