The Benefits Of Combined Home, Auto & Life Insurance

Insurance can be an expensive investment, but when you obtain a combined home auto life insurance policy, you might be surprised at the benefits such a combination can bring you.

Cost Savings

Most mutli-line insurance carriers are glad to have your extra business and will offer discounts of 5-50% on the additional coverage you purchase under the same policy. Check with your agent to see how much you can save by insuring your home and automobile together.  While life insurance may be offered through an employer, you may be able to save money by adding your life insurance policy to your home and auto combo as well.

Service Levels

When one agent is providing for all of your insurance needs, he or she develops a better understanding of your life, your risks, and your insurance needs. Your agent will be able to recommend products you need as well as save you money by knowing where you can make cuts. Your relationship with your insurance agent will also prove beneficial when it comes to filing a claim.


Shop around for the best package price if you plan to combine insurance. The combination you are looking for is one that saves you the most money without sacrificing coverage or service.

Don't be afraid to change companies if the one you're with can no longer meet your needs. As your life changes, you will need an insurer that is capable of adjusting.

Sometimes paying a little more pays off in terms of claims support, so don't automatically choose the lowest price without knowing what you're buying.

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