Strategy: Cheap Car Insurance For A Young Driver

Finding cheap car insurance for a young driver is not always easy. As most of us know, car insurance is more expensive for younger drivers because they have less experience behind the wheel. Research shows that young drivers are also involved in more accidents than older, more experienced drivers. To protect themselves against a higher risk, insurers charge higher monthly premiums to younger drivers. Read below to learn ways to find cheap car insurance for a first time driver.

Establish Credit

Most young drivers have yet to get a credit card in their name; therefore, they have not established credit. Insurers offer cheap car insurance to those who have good credit scores and pay their bills on time. By establishing credit and maintaing credit, a young driver can take a positive step towards getting cheap car insurance.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Drivers who avoid traffic tickets and accidents pay less insurance – it’s that simple. Just as young drivers need to establish credit, they should also establish and maintain a clean driving record. This includes breaking any traffic laws, including speeding, following too closely, and driving under the influence. Getting a DUI negatively impacts your life in just about every way, including your car insurance rate.  Additionally, a DUI can lead to license suspension or revokations.

Make Good Grades

Most insurers offer cheap car insurance to any young driver who proves to be responsible in the classroom. Ask your insurer if being on Honor Roll or Dean’s List makes you eligible to receive a student discount.

Take a Driving Class

Another way for a young driver to get cheap car insurance is by taking a driving class. Most community schools offer defensive driving or safety classes for young drivers and insurance providers give discounts for those willing to committ their time to such endeavors.

Be Responsible

All of the ways mentioned thus far paint the picture of a responsible person.  Whether behind the wheel, in the classroom, or with money responsibility is the key to discounts. Car insurers award discounted insurance to any young driver that can provide evidence of responsibility and lower the risk of accidents with other drivers.

 Be a Secondary Driver on Your Parents’ Policy

Ask your parents if you can be on their insurance policy as a secondary driver. Often, being a secondary driver on the parent"s policy can mean cheap car insurance rates for a young driver.

Drive a Safe, Reliable Vehicle

Regardless of your age, the type of vehicle you drive significantly affects how much you pay in car insurance. Expensive cars, such as sports cars and large SUVs, are generally accompanied by steep insurance premiums. The large premium, in part is due to the costly repairs that such vehicles require. Young drivers may find cheap car insurance simply by driving a modest, safe vehicle.

Inquire About Low-Mileage Discounts

Ask your insurer if they offer discounted car insurance for a young driver who does not drive often.  That is, some providers offer discounts to students that do not put many miles on their car. For example, many companies offer reduce rates for college students that only drive during summertime or holiday breaks.

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