State And Local Flood Insurance Resources

There are no programs for state flood insurance that are currently offered to homeowners. State and local governments rely on the federal government for relief and assistance in the event of a flood in order to provide resources to residents. The federal flood assistance programs are all administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency know as FEMA.

FEMA also administers the National Flood Insurance Program. This program provides insurance protection to those homeowners that reside in a designated flood zone or are that is frequent flooding. This insurance coverage is required by lenders for those homeowners in a flood zone as a way for a lender to recover their costs associated with damages that may arise due to flooding.

There are state and local flood insurance resources that work in conjunction with FEMA in order to meet the needs of residents who are suffering from the effects of a flood. It should be noted again that only FEMA provides flood insurance, which is done through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFID).

Flood Insurance Resources #1: National Flood Insurance Program

The NFID provides guarantees and funding to insurance companies that provide flood insurance. Flood insurance is purchased by a homeowner that lives in a flood zone and provides an additional level of protection in case the home is damaged or destroyed during flooding.

Having flood insurance provides the homeowner with the resources necessary to meet their needs to recover from loss experience in a flood. This relives a state or local government from having to use their disaster relief funds to help homeowners and instead focus those dollars on other infrastructure costs. Since the program is managed on the federal level, state and local governments do not have any say on how insurance proceeds are distributed or used by the homeowner, who may decide not to rebuild in the flood zone.

Flood Insurance Resources #2: FEMA and Local Governments

FEMA also works with state and local governments to provide disaster relief funds. When a flood or other catastrophic natural disaster occurs, states work with the federal government to access funds that are designated to provide relief to local areas.

The resources provided through the disaster relief program help state and local governments make repairs and other fixes to restore a community. These funds do come with some strings and the local community may not be able to use them completely as they choose due to federal restrictions.

Flood Insurance Resources #3: Other Disaster Relief Agencies

A local Red Cross and other non-profit agencies can work with state and local communities in order to provide shelter, food, recovery services and other forms of personal flood relief. These organizations are designed to work on the ground to meet the immediate needs of flood victims as they wait for insurance checks and other funding to be processed in order to begin the clean up and restoration process.

Relying on local non-profit organizations help relieve the burden on state and local governments and the resources that they may have for floods.

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