SR22 Auto Insurance Advice And Tips

If you’ve been caught driving without insurance, or have had a DUI, then you will probably need SR22 auto insurance. While this process may seem like a pain, it’s not too bad as long as you know what you are getting. Here are some simple tips when it comes to your SR22 options.

Understand What It Is

The term SR22 actually refers to the document the state will require to show that you have current and valid insurance. If you have been hit with a DUI, DWI, or driving without insurance ticket, then you will be seen as a high risk to the state and they will likely require you submit the SR22 document. A lot of insurance companies won’t offer insurance to those who require the SR22 since you are a higher risk. And the insurance companies who do offer to file this document for you will charge you much higher premiums. Before you start comparing rates you need to find out of your state even requires it. Some states, like North Carolina and New York don’t ask for the document, so the insurance company usually won’t provide it. This is only problematic if you are moving to a state that requires it, or moving from a state where you’ve had to have it. If this is the case you will need to file an appeal.


If you require SR22, your insurance rates will end up being higher. You can help shave money off your premiums by choosing higher deductibles. Be careful with this though. If anything happens to you car you may not be able to part with the higher deductible amount. The best way to choose a deductible is to sit down and figure out exactly how much money you can afford to sink in to the car if something were to happen. That amount should be the highest deductible you choose.

Full Coverage

Even with SR22, you will not be obligated to get full coverage insurance unless you are financing a car. There is no point in paying higher premiums for full coverage unless you need it. If you aren’t financing the car, and you don’t have a lot invested in the car then forego the full coverage. An older car is easier to replace if you need to. Paying extra money on monthly premiums doesn’t always make sense.

Be Honest

When you are calling around to get quotes on car insurance rates, be honest with the insurance company and tell them you are requiring SR22. Most larger insurance companies won’t have a problem with this. If you aren’t honest they will eventually find out about it, and you will be forced to pay additional money in coverage, or your policy will be dropped. Avoid the extra headache by just letting them know up front.

Time Frames

In most cases you will only need to carry SR22 coverage for about two years. As long as you don’t accrue additional violations in this time and you continue to pay the insurance premiums then you can stop the SR22 coverage and go to standard coverage options. The premiums may still be higher though simply because you’ve had high risk tickets or violations on your driving record.

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