Sports Travel Insurance For Professionals & Enthusiasts

Sports travel insurance provides protection for expensive sports equipment that you bring on vacation. If you get injured partaking in athletics on your trip, your sports travel insurance will take care of you. Also, it will most likely fulfill classic insurance purposes such as trip cancellation protection.

How Sports Travel Insurance Works

The price of your insurance depends on the difficulty of your sport and the price of your equipment. Sports such as rowing and tennis have lower risks associated with them and are less expensive to cover whereas sports like parasailing and rock climbing are higher risks and are therefore more expensive. The coverage for your equipment depends on the price of the equipment and your destination.

Insurance Options

Sometimes your insurance policy will explicitly exclude coverage for certain activities. In this case you can purchase either supplemental insurance or new sports travel insurance. If you are a professional athlete, you can purchase insurance to cover loss of future earnings, contract completion, loss of endorsements, and other potential monetary mishaps.

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