Social Security Disability Insurance – Helping you Stay Afloat

Social security disability insurance is a federal subsidy program designed to help you financially when you are incapable of working due to a long-term temporary or permanent disability. Social security disability insurance pays benefits not only to you but also to qualified members of your family, like children or your spouse.

Qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance

In order to qualify for social security disability insurance, you must:

  • have worked recently enough and in a job (including self-employment) that paid into social security
  • have a disability that qualifies based on the Social Security Administration's standards, which means the disability will last longer than a year, will not allow you to adjust to a different kind of work, or will eventually result in your death
How to Apply

Applying for social security disability insurance can be an intricate process, but the Social Security Administration is working to make it easier. You can complete your application for social security disability insurance online at
In addition to completing the application, you will be required to submit a disability report and authorize the Social Security Administration to have access to review your medical records.

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