Small Business Property Insurance: Why You Need It

Small business property insurance may seem like an expense you can cut, putting that monthly premium amount to work elsewhere to make your business more successful. Don’t be fooled into this thinking. For almost every small business owner, property insurance is something you can’t afford to be without.

Your Greatest Asset

For most individuals, their home is their most valuable asset. Similarly, for small business owners, the property they own is going to be among their most valuable assets. Whether it is the structure in which you do business or the equipment you use to conduct business, few small firms have the financial ability to quickly replace lost or damaged property and get back to work without insurance.

Even if your small business rents space, not covering items such as computers or vehicles can be the difference in success or failure.

Getting the Coverage You Need

Tailor your small business property insurance to the needs of your business. This might include going beyond physical property to insure against data loss, destruction or theft. If there is property critical to your business’s success, you need to insure it.

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