Securing Affordable Car Insurance Despite Your Risk Rating

Affordable car insurance can be tough to secure. Not everybody can be blessed with a spotless driving record because accidents do happen. If you are a responsible driver, that’s great. Still, even that does not fully protect you from unforeseen accidents. For example: What happens if you are parked along a street over night and come out only to see that your driver’s side mirror has been ripped off your car? This is an incident that is not your fault, but the insurance company can still find you liable for it and raise your rates.

Not at Fault Accidents

What if you are a responsible one and even though you allow for a designated driver one night, that driver gets rear-ended by another driver. The accident was not your fault. It was not even your driver’s fault, yet because it was your vehicle involved in an accident they can raise your rates because said driver was not on your policy. This may be hard to believe, but insurance companies do stuff like this people all the time. Event he smallest thing can raise rates.

Finding Discounts

So how do you find cheap car insurance if you have a high risk factor. Many companies on TV advertise the lowest possible rates to keep you legally driving. Other companies, like Progressive, offer small discounts that can add up over time. For example: if you check car insurance for teens some companies will give you a discount if the teen has completed a driver education course before getting their license. Other companies offer discounts to people that have a college degree. They view people who have finished college as being more responsible on the road, so they get a discount in kind.

Accident Forgiveness

One of the newest features of many car insurance policies is one of accident forgiveness. If you have been with a company for several years with a solid driving record they are willing to forgive a minor accident. The longer you stay with a company the larger the accident you can have that is still forgiven. Of course, this does not give people license to drive around and cause accidents just because they will be forgiven, but it is still a handy thing to have on your policy.
When looking for cheap car insurance the most important thing to do is shop around and get multiple quotes. Thanks to the internet, you can now do all the research you want to right from home. You do not even need to visit your local insurance office anymore, either. Some people would argue that you lose the personal touch when looking online, but most online companies have just as good of customer service if need a claim as anyone else.
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