RV Park Insurance: An Essential for Your Campgrounds

RV park insurance protects campgrounds as if they were full service hotels. Whether your park provides swimming pools and playgrounds, showers and restrooms, or a full service garage you need to cover yourself and your assets against being sued by any of your many visitors. This type of insurance is called liability insurance and there are many options to consider.

Liability Options

General liability insurance is a must have for rv park owners. This will cover you basic against injuries to people or damages to visitors’ vehicles that occur on your property.

An umbrella package reimburses you for higher cost lawsuits that could be brought against you if expensive items become damaged or serious injuries occur on your property.

If you sell liquor on your property, you can purchase a liquor liability policy that will protect you in case injury occurs as a result of liquor sales.    

With so many large gas tanked vehicles visiting your property, you may want to purchase a pollution liability policy. This will protect you against leaks or spills.

If you offer garage services or a have an onsite mechanic, you need to protect yourself against situations in which you are accused of causing property damage. If you sell equipment, you need coverage against faulty parts.

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