Resources for Cancer Patients Without Insurance

Unfortunately, a lot of patients without insurance are forced to do without important treatment for their illnesses. For people who are suffering with cancer, it is a compounded problem. However, there is help for people suffering with cancer, without insurance. Here are some resources:

Free Clinics

There are several free cancer clinics around the country. They are there for people who need treatments to be able to go to, but may be very limited in the type of treatments they provide. You can find out more about free clinics online.


An option that many people have for cancer treatment is to be qualified for Medicare of Medicaid. Qualifying for both requires you submit an application. Medicare depends on age, but there are exceptions for disabled patients and those with kidney failure. The big qualification for Medicaid is income.

The Hill-Burton Program

Hill-Burton is a program sponsored by the federal government that is given to hospitals for the treatments for people who are low income and would be able to afford expensive, long term treatments. Ask your local hospital about the program and talk to administrator to see if they can fit you into their schedules.

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